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How It Works

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Chat & Learn

Join live conversations in our customized group chats. Traveling, sports, fintech — you’ll find a perfect fit for your interests.

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Chats with AI teacher

Chat with real people, and get guidance from AI. Practice the conversational skills you need. Dive into the adaptive and entertaining learning here.

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AI analyzes your mistakes

AI detects mistakes when you communicate and hints you the correct way to speak immediately. Make progress and learn English relevant to your needs.


AI-moderated Group Chat

Join topic-customized group chats and communicate with other participants. Learn relevant English skills and get comprehensive feedback from the AI. Let the AI correct your mistakes and see your knowledge multiply

No more confusing or robotic conversations; get the best out of flexible and adaptive learning.

What Is Spectrum?

We are writing to introduce you to Spectrum, an innovative mobile application powered by artificial intelligence that aims to revolutionize the way people learn English.

Our app provides a more engaging and effective learning experience through immersive chats with other users, allowing individuals to improve their English skills up to B2 level.

Our learning AI-model also provides personalized feedback and creates a tailored learning experience to meet individual needs.

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Illia Pavlov
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Ignat Prokopchenko
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Renat Oliinyk
Technical Director